what does it mean to muddle

What Does it Mean to Muddle?

What does it Mean To Muddle?

What Does it Mean to Muddle10

And Why Is it Important?

Muddle means to mix or stir an ingredient into a drink.… But it is a bit more than that.

A Muddler is an essential item in any Bartender’s kit. Made of metal, wood or plastic, the tool looks like a small baseball bat. One end is smooth, wide and round,  and may be covered in plastic “teeth”.  It’s used to crush or mash ingredients like herbs. The other end is narrow, and can be used to stir….

When you muddle, you crush ingredients a bit to release their flavors into the drink. It’s a little like when you mix ingredients with a mortar and pestle, instead of a knife. When mixing a Mojito, you muddle the mint, essential oils and flavors are freed from the leaves in a way that cutting would never be able to do.

You CAN use a long handled spoon to muddle…. you just have to press hard, and it’s not as effective.

Wood or Metal Muddler?

Honestly, both work well… it just depends on your preference. The wood muddler is classic, and will make you a fabulous Mojito… but you can’t stick it in the dishwasher, so some people worry that the pores in the wood might suck in flavors (but really, if you are making Mojitos regularly, the extra flavor won’t be an issue).

The metal muddler, as long as it has a nylon end, won’t hurt your glassware, and can go in the dishwasher….

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