kamikaze cocktail ingredients

Kamikaze Cocktail Ingredients

kamikaze Cocktail ingredientsI think my new favorite cocktail might be the Kamikaze, but not just the standard shot, when you put together these Kamikaze Cocktail Ingredients, you get a drink with some flair.

You see I’m in this place a few weeks ago, and as I generally do, I ask the gent behind the bar for his signature cocktail. He tells me, a Kamekaze. Really? The party shot of non-sophisticated college students and military guys everywhere?  Then he, smiles, “trust me” he says… and hands me this. The Kamikaze Cocktail with Wine

Oh man, this drink goes down easy, and has the power to pack a massive punch.

Ahhh…. But it is a lovely drink for a warm evening, and a great way to liven up a boring book club discussion. (Face it, some of those books could use something to make them interesting… pour your drinks early, and you may not have to talk books at all). It is certain to become your new favorite too.

(Of course, if you are a Kamikaze purist…or feel you have a reputation on campus or base to uphold (or, you just don’t have any white wine lying around) I’ve included the shot recipe below as well… have at it)

kamikaze cocktail ingredientsKamikaze Cocktail Ingredients

(serves 1…. So go ahead and double or triple the recipe)

Fill your Cocktail Shaker with ice


1 measure Vodka

1 measure Triple Sec

½ measure Lemon Juice

½ measure Lime Juice

Shake and strain into a chilled wine glass…

Now here’s the kicker-

Fill the glass to the top with Chilled Dry White Wine

Serve with wedge of lemon or lime… and enjoy

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If you prefer no holds barred shots with the boys, then this Kamikaze may be more to your liking… It’s straightforward slam-a-person-upside-the-head drinking.

Kamikaze Shots

1 measure Vodka

1 measure Triple Sec

1 measure Lime Juice

Shake over ice, then strain into a shot glass.

Garnish with lime

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