Types of Bar Glasses and Stemware

types bar glassesDrinking out of a bottle is so…. what’s the word? ….Wrong?…Wino?….Icky?

While those red plastic cups may have been fun at college parties, to truly get the right flavors from your drinks, you need to use the right glassware. (Trust me… )

Whether you are serving Red Wine, Champagne or Pisco Sours, it’s always best to have the right glass for the contents. ┬áIt enhances the experience and makes you feel more like a real grown up.

(honestly, if you are well past the age where you need to sneak booze out of dad’s liquor cabinet, then you are old enough to get some decent glasses).

Good glassware comes in loads of styles, and can be inexpensive or expensive… it depends on your taste and budget what you want to bring home.