wine glass shapes explained

Wine Glass Shapes Explained

With so many different shapes of glasses, do you ever find yourself wondering, “What glass do I use for each type of wine?” You will know exactly which¬†glass to use once you’ve had the wine glass shapes explained to you.¬†Finally you will know; What are red wine glasses vs. white wine glasses? Do you serve […]

“City of Paris” 1924 Champagne Coupe (Gift Box Set of 4)

1924 was “the summer of a thousand parties” wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald, who lived in Paris during the glamorous, indulgent twenties. The Golden Age of Parisian nostalgia has arrived, and so has distinctly charming glassware to help celebrate it. For your consideration are four classic imported-from-France Champagne coupes, invoking the art de vivre of Paris […]

Charles Butterworth 1937 Martini Glass (Gift Box Set of 2)

American actor and Notre Dame alumnus, Charles Butterworth was a master at playing diffident, absentminded middle-aged bachelors. An offscreen drinking buddy of such literary wits as Robert Benchley and Corey Ford, Butterworth became so famous for his dry quips and cynical asides that Hollywood screenwriters began writing only fragmentary scripts for him, hoping that the […]