How to Make a Mojito

Mojito Recipe- How to Make a Mojito

Mojito is a refreshing cocktail from Cuba, made with Lime, Mint, Rum and Simple syrup. Here are recipes to make them individually, or make Mojitos by the pitcher for parties. A Mojito strikes a perfect balance of tart, sweet, and refreshing, with just a kick of rum. While it is the perfect thing to drink […]

kamikaze cocktail ingredients

Kamikaze Cocktail Ingredients

I think my new favorite cocktail might be the Kamikaze, but not just the standard shot, when you put together these Kamikaze Cocktail Ingredients, you get a drink with some flair. You see I’m in this place a few weeks ago, and as I generally do, I ask the gent behind the bar for his signature […]

best sidecar cocktail recipe

Best Sidecar Cocktail Recipe

The Best Sidecar Cocktail recipe results in a drink that rolls over your tongue …sweet with a hint of sour. They go down so easy that I could drink them all night. Like most of the best cocktails, the Sidecar only has a few ingredients. It’s the combination that makes these ingredients sing. My first […]