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Carry Cocktail Kits

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carry cocktail kitsThe Carry on Cocktail Kit Gin & Tonic

I have to say, these Carry Cocktail Kits are a genius invention! For those of us who aren’t flying around in private jets with our own personal Bartender, there is no better way to get that drink you really want!

We’ve all been there. You are sitting on what could be the world’s most overcrowded airplane, surrounded by screaming children, a guy who hasn’t bathed in far too long, and someone who keeps kicking your seat. All you want… no …. all you NEED is a decent drink to make all of this just fade into the background. Sadly, when the Flight Attendant arrives, all that is available is a little bottle of whatever brand alcohol, and generic mixers.


But, there is hope!

The amazing people at Carry On have created these fabulous little kits that not only improve the flavor of the in-flight beverages, they also pass through airport security with no scrutiny (and they look as cool as heck!)

Carry Cocktail Kits

Currently there are Three different Cocktail Kits available… Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule and a Gin & Tonic. (Soon, the Champagne Cocktail will be added to the line-up… stay tuned!)

Each kit comes with everything you need to transform the mundane into the extraordinary!

Inside each Kit you will find-
2 oz. bottle of flavored Syrup
1 small mixing spoon
.5 oz Jigger
1 linen napkin (no more of those fiddly paper things)
1 recipe card

The whole thing is cunningly packed into a 4″x 3″ x 1″ metal tin.

Granted, the kits are a bit pricey. Each kit makes 2 decent drinks… but the little syrup bottle can be refilled! So, buy it once, keep refilling.

Seriously, this little kit will keep the Hipsters and Business Travelers on your list happy and satisfied!

carry cocktail kitsThe Carry on Cocktail Kit Gin & Toniccarry cocktail kitsThe Carry on Cocktail Kit Old Fashionedcarry cocktail kitsThe Carry On Cocktail Kit The Moscow Mule

Get all three Carry Cocktail Kits

carry cocktail kitsThe Carry on Cocktail Kit Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule, Gin and Tonic – 3 PACK Holiday Set – 1 Carry on Cocktail Kit Old Fashioned – 1 Carry on Cocktail Moscow Mule – 1 Carry on Cocktail Gin and Tonic