best daiquiri recipe ever

Best Daiquiri Recipe Ever

Best Daiquiri Recipe EverAll you need to make the Best daiquiri recipe EVER is three ingredients. That’s it just three things to make this classic cocktail that will rock your world. Now, this is not the slushy red Strawberry daiquiri that you remember from Island vacations… this is a Classic Daiquiri.  No blender or brain freeze… just a smooth, slightly tart, and fairly sophisticated drink that goes down (almost TOO) easy.

The best daiquiri is a simple trick done well. One thing to keep in mind… and this is true of most recipes… because there are only three ingredients, the QUALITY of your ingredients will show. Use cheap rum or bottled juice, and you will end up with an inferior drink.

Short History of the Daiquiri

The story of the Daiquiri is a story of war and profit, of pirates and circumstance…. Quite a set up, right? Cuba, you see, was more than a pawn in the Cold War… and its history goes back further than the Havana High Life days of the 1920s to 1950s…  Cuba held the distinction of being “discovered” by Christopher Columbus, and claimed for Spain. Spain hung on to Cuba with all its might against English pirates and Privateers. This key Caribbean Island was an ideal stopping place for ships making Trans-Atlantic voyage. And even better? The growing conditions on Cuba are excellent, which made restocking supplies on those ships easier.

best daiquiri recipe everThe two main crops on Cuba? Tobacco and Sugar Cane. The thing is, Tobacco is a straightforward crop… but refining Sugar? That takes a bit of work, and then, you end up with a byproduct of molasses. That icky sticky stuff, you can’t just pour it down the drain… ahhh.. but you CAN turn it into Rum. And all those sailors who stopped in Cuba after their long voyage, were happy to get it (if not happy to get the RUM, at least they were happy to get booze.)

Flash forward to the Spanish American War (Remember the Maine?), and the United States has gained control of Cuba, after storming Daiquiri beach. The industrialists and other profiteers move in to exploit (I mean… help) Cuba. Jennings Cox, who struck it rich in Iron Mining on the Island, was having a party one evening, when he ran out of everyone’s favorite potent potable, Gin. No need to panic, he pulled out some Rum (remember, Rum was for Sailors and Worker bees), then doctored it up a bit with sugar and Lime…. and named it after the nearby beach.

And the Daiquiri was born.

Since then, the Rum has gotten better, and the recipe has been refined a bit, but essentially, the recipe remains the same.

Best Daiquiri Recipe Ever

best daiquiri recipe everAs I said before, the quality of the ingredients has a huge effect on the taste of the Daiquiri. Use that inferior rum from the bottom shelf of your local Quickie-Mart, and you will get exactly what you paid for. My favorite rum for Daiquiris here at home is made with the Papa’s Pilar Blond ( I know, it’s not silver or white… but it’s my damn drink). I guess I just like the connection of a Rum named for Hemingway’s boat in my Daiquiri…. But any quality Silver (white) Rum will do the job.

You will need a Cocktail Shaker… and you will need to be able to strain it.


2 measures (3 oz.) Silver or White Rum
3/4 measure (1 oz.) Fresh Lime juice
1/2 Tsp.  Simple Syrup


Chill a Martini style glass.

Scoop some ice into a cocktail shaker.
Pour the Rum, Lime juice and simple syrup over the ice.
Shake until the shaker is frosty.

Strain into the chilled glass.
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Some people like to Garnish with a Lime Wheel and a cherry…. I like mine without.

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