About the Cocktail Dame

Once upon a time grown-ups drank cocktails.

The Bourbon Old-Fashioned, a Singapore Sling, and my favorite… the Sidecar.

Classic Cocktails for men in sharp suits and women in sexy hourglass dresses.

That’s who the Cocktail Dame is…. She’s Ava Gardner looking sexy while sipping a Greyhound…. but she’s also Myrna Loy lining up 10 Martinis to catch up with her Thin Man husband.

Cocktails are more than just sloshing some booze in a cup. There is an art… finesse… to creating a good cocktail. You want to show some style!

I’ve collected some recipes for fabulous cocktails, and included some links to great bar ware. What do you need to set up a basic home bar. And which way do you go to create a truly memorable bar?

If wine is your thing, you’ll find information here too… just what glass does go with which wine? And how to store it to maximize your investment.

We’ll even be adding a bit for those of you who would like to try your hand at creating home made liqueurs. The perfect additions to your signature cocktails.

And maybe… we’ll even pass on a little attitude.

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